Peachtree Support Providers Discuss Sage Data Cloud & Other Developments

Small and mid-market companies need to acquire the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting software solutions that will take their business to the next level. According to Drew Robb of Enterprise Apps Today:

Sage has been in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software business since the 1980s, focusing on small and midmarket companies, those with fewer than 1,000 employees. For the last year or so, it has been going all out to take its on-premise products onto the cloud.

That plan received a huge boost during the company’s annual user conference in July. The announcement of the Sage Data Cloud provides customers with access to a 50 gigabyte (or bigger if needed) cloud storage area. Information from Sage cloud applications and copies of data stored in on-premise application servers are replicated and placed into this cloud, too. As a result, mobile applications can access core application and cloud application data via a single cloud server.

sage transitionTechnological breakthroughs have improved the functionality of many systems, and the advent of cloud computing gives small and mid-market businesses the flexibility that they need to adapt to new trends and track their assets and liabilities more efficiently. As a result of the new Sage Data Cloud’s announcement, companies that provide Peachtree support services, like I.T. Works, are in a better position to help Sage users who might want to upgrade their solutions.

Cloud computing solutions offer some distinct advantages. Sage senior vice-president for mid-market solutions, product management and marketing, Doug LaBahn, said that a single data cloud allows for faster innovation, benefiting “multiple customer bases,” from the executives right down to the rank-and-file. At present, Robb notes that the Sage 100 ERP and Sage 300 ERP systems already have cloud connectors, while development work is “ongoing” for the Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree accounting software) and Sage 500 ERP platforms.

Through numerous press releases, it was revealed that Sage Enterprise Intelligence will be merged with Sage ERP X3, granting users “extensive self-service business intelligence capabilities” through mobile-friendly web interfaces. According to IDC analyst Chris Chute, the intersection of ERP/CRM and mobility will be a hot trend to watch, as operational capability will not just get mobilized via the browser, but can be smoothly implemented in a native context for efficient field work. Companies can contact Peachtree accounting support providers like I.T. Works for enhanced accounting and resource management.

(Info from Sage Transitions ERP onto the Cloud; Enterprise Apps Today; September 10, 2013)

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